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DRC Congo Square - Single Origin

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South Kivu (Umoja), Medium Roast

 Whole Bean

Notes: Lemon, Orange, Dark Chocolate
Region: South Kivu in the Great Lakes Region in Congo
Altitude: 1,400 to 2,000 masl
Process: Fully washed

Species: 100% Arabica, Fair-Trade Organic Coffee Beans


"Famously known as the birthplace of Jazz, Congo Square was the place where black slaves in New Orleans could gather--only on Sunday afternoons--to play music, sing, and dance. The African and Caribbean cultural practices that thrived there planted the seeds for New Orleans' jazz, second-line, and Mardi Gras Indian traditions. 

This coffee hails from the country that inspired the name for this storied Square. Grown in majestic South Kivu in the Great Lakes Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this coffee contains bright and jubilant notes, with fruity lemon and orange citrus flavors as well as deep chocolate aromas. Quite fitting when you imagine the vibrancy of the square with its Afro-Caribbean sounds of brass, the rhythms of the Bamboula, and the permeating (albeit fleeting) feeling of freedom and transcendence from those who congregated there. 

From the seeds of the region where this coffee was cultivated, to the seeds of jazz that were sown in this New Orleans square of the same name, we're proud to bring the flavor of the Congo to your cup. Be sure to enjoy our "Congo Square" coffee along with the vibrant sounds of New Orleans Jazz by listening to our curated "Congo Square" playlist on Spotify." Three Keys Coffee

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