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Incense Cones

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These incense cones have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, and Vanity Fair! They are packaged simply in a 4oz glass jar and come with 40 incense cones. They're perfect for your flameless fragrance sessions.

These incense cones are soaked in a sea of delectable fragrance for 24 hours and then dried under medium heat for 7 days.

Fragrance Description:

Cedar & Tabac: The heart of tobacco and white petals over a decadent base of smoky woods. 

Vanilla Clove: A calming blend of eucalyptus and pine mixed subtly with notes of cinnamon, wisteria, and clove over a bed of vanilla and cedarwood.

-1 jar

- 40 cones per jar

- Burn time: approx.20 min

- Scent lasts approx. 2 hours

- Cap is a suitable surface for burning cones

- Travel-friendly 

- Handmade 


  1. Light the tip of the cone.
  2. After 15-20 seconds, blow out the flame.
  3. Place the cone on the inside of the cap or another suitable surface (ceramic plate or bowl).
  4. Allow the cone to fully burn until it extinguishes itself.


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