Modestine Tea-Let Go
lemongrass tea
handmade zesty lemongrass tea black owned tea brand
Modestine Tea-Let Go
Modestine Tea-Let Go
Modestine Tea-Let Go
Modestine Tea

Modestine Tea-Let Go

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A zesty refreshing blend of bright lemongrass and warming spices, infused with Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb which reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and helps the body adapt to stress.  Let Go helps to reduce bloating and flatulence.  Perfect for digestive issues, supports a healthy bowel movement.  Soothing to the stomach.  Tastes delicious hot or cold.

Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, cloves, black and red pepper, lemongrass, green cardamom, ashwaganda, ginger root, cinnamon and clove.  

Size: 2 oz



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