Modestine Tea- Inner Glow No.222
Modestine tea hibiscus tea handcrafted
caffeine free hibiscus tea
Modestine Tea- Inner Glow No.222
Modestine Tea- Inner Glow No.222
Modestine Tea

Modestine Tea- Inner Glow No.222

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A rich blend of fruits and flowers working together to improve skin health. Glow from the inside out and Improve your overall health with the many benefits of each ingredient. Has a strong red color and a mild fruity flavor. Perfect any time of day. Enjoy over ice for an ultimate cool down or indulge in a hot cup to restore vitality.

Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C. It is known to reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, prevent hypertension, help with menstrual cramps, aid digestion. It is also known to support a healthy liver.

Ingredients: hibiscus, apple bits, orange peel, rose hips, lemon myrtle, mango bits, blueberries, coconut shreds, cornflower with natural flavor.  

*** Does not contain caffeine

2 oz

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