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Natural Dye Kit
Natural Dye Kit
See Phillips

Natural Dye Kit

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Encourage your creative side and explore the beauty of crafting through the process of making by diving into the natural dye process.

This Natural Dye Kit is a good way to explore using organic dyestuffs and food by-products to dye silk.  Each kit comes with a jute cord, a 6"x24" silk scarf, a package of dyestuff, and directions.

Instructions: Steep fibers in the dyestuff to develop color and patterns on silk.

Dyestuff: Red Onion Skins 

Use your finished product as a gift for someone special. Wear as an accessory in your hair, as a scarf, on your wrist, attach to carry accessories or as an eco friendly wrapping alternative.


Handcrafted in Austin, TX by See Phillips, Woman Owned Business.

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