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Sea Scrub- Face Scrub - New Origin Shop
Sea Scrub- Face Scrub - New Origin Shop
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Sea Scrub- Face Scrub

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Sea Scrub is the weekend mask/scrub. This is the one to pull out before you have a big day and want to look fresh. While both of these masks were formulated with sensitive skin in mind and designed to leave your face hydrated and toned, the Rose Hips and Witch Hazel do an especially good job of soothing and softening irritated skin, infusing it with protective botanicals.


Sea Clay Rose Hips Aloe Slippery Elm Birch Bark Witch Hazel Vitamin C Lavender Oat Flour




Start with equal parts water and powder and adjust to the consistency you like.


Use circular motions to massage the mixture over your face and neck to gently exfoliate.


Rest while your mask gets to work infusing your skin with protective botanicals. When the mask is *almost* dry, rinse it off with warm water followed with a cold splash.


Mix with Yogurt + Raw Honey to boost the luxurious factor of your mask.




Powerhouse of Plant Allies for your Skin


  • Each of the herbal powders bring their own vitamins and minerals to the table, giving skin a rich botanical infusion while applying the mask.
  • Sourced Ethically

Each herbal powder is wild harvested sustainably or comes with organic and kosher certifications*.

*while specific ingredients we source have certifications, we as a company do not

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