Our 2024 Mood Board: Embracing A Vision of Intention and Connection

Jan 9, 2024by Sierra Lewis

Hey there, and Happy New Year! In 2024, we're all about living mindfully, caring for ourselves, planning purposefully, eating delicious (and nutritious) food, finding peace and tranquility, and growing together.

So, I've put together a mood board to get into the spirit of making these conscious lifestyle choices. I find that it really helps to create visual representations of your aspirations. I encourage you to make a mood board of your own!


Collage of wellness and fashion images

We see calendars and lists as more than just items; they symbolize our commitment to making this year meaningful.

We imagine a year of wellness, with fresh and wholesome foods at the center of our table.

The beauty of nature, captured in images of rainbows and waterfalls, inspires us to find peace and serenity in the world around us.

We're excited to create sanctuaries in our homes where self-care is sacred and our daily routines nourish our body and soul.

Empowering phrases such as "A New Era of Me" encourage us to live passionately and purposefully.

Personal growth and community go hand in hand, and we're thrilled to celebrate both. We envision vibrant gatherings that strengthen our bonds and create unforgettable shared experiences.

The 2024 Moodboard is our guide for a balanced and fulfilling year ahead, where every step towards self-improvement is accompanied by joy and community. We're excited to embark on this journey together and create not just a shop but a haven for connection and happiness. Here's to a year of living fully, intentionally, and in harmony! Have you made a mood board? Share it will us: @neworiginshop This is the year of Pinterest! Luckily we've always been fans and look forward to curating that space. Lets, connect! See all of the images included in these boards on our Pinterest feed and save a few to begin your moodboard. 


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