Getting ready for Fall

Sep 16, 2020by Sierra Lewis

Oh, hey! I know it’s been awhile, but these hands have been busy! You see, like many makers and retailers, I’m getting ready for the Fall season. While for some that means breaking out sweatshirts and pumpkin spice—for us here at New Origin Shop, that means making hats, scarves, and blankets! How about a sneak peak before everything goes live in the shop?

Crochet Chenille Blankets

New Origin Shop Crochet Blankets

Let’s start with one of the most unique items that’s coming this Fall—the big crochet blanket. I originally made one of these a couple of years ago as a throw blanket. I ended up using it almost every day because of how crazy soft it is. Seriously, this thing is baby hair levels of soft.

My Ma-Ma (or Grandmother if you want to be technical), took notice of how much I loved my blanket and wanted one for herself. When I started making one for her I figured why not share this with everyone?

We already have our fantastic Turkish Blankets in the shop, but this was a chance to have another New Origin Shop original product. Also, it’s nice to add some variety in our blanket offerings. While the Turkish blankets are traditionally woven, my blankets use a chunky crochet pattern. So for the past few weeks I’ve broken out my extra-large crochet hooks and have been getting to work!

Hand-Knit Hats

New Origin Shop Knit Hats

Next up are the hand-knit hats. These hats have a pretty simple pattern of continuous knit and purl stitches in order to give it that ribbed style we love so much. Believe it or not, but these probably have taken me longer to finish than the blankets. But I’m starting to get into a groove now (hopefully I can build up some muscle memory to start knocking these out even quicker if they get popular)!

While the blanket colors are a bit softer, for the hat collection I wanted the colors to pop a little more.

Crochet Cowl Scarves

New Origin Shop Crochet Cowl Scarf

And the final item I’m working on for the Fall are the versatile crochet cowl scarves. Yes, these bad boys are one of the first products I ever made for New Origin Shop, and they’re still popular enough for me to keep making them! I pretty much only make this type of scarf because of how simple and versatile it is for customers. You just pop it on right over your head and it snuggle it around your neck. Pop on your jacket and you’ve got an instant Fall look.

Also, if you happen to forget your New Origin Shop hat, you can always swoop the scarf up over your ears for a cowl look. Kids tend to love this type of scarf too because there’s no tying involved. I could go on and on, but you didn’t come here to see me geek out about cowl scarves. (But if you DO want to talk to me about cowl scarves, or anything else for that matter, follow me on Instagram: @neworiginshop)

But wait, there’s more!

Now, these are just the things I’m making. There’s way more stuff available (right now) in the shop that’s perfect for Fall. Sweaters, tea blends, balms, and even the Turkish blankets I mentioned earlier.

Allright, I better get back to it if I want all of this stuff out in time for Fall!

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