My DIY Reusable Face Wipes

Jan 2, 2020by Sierra Lewis

Hey y’all 👋🏾. With prep work for the holiday season in full swing I’ve been feeling the PRESSURE! While the whirlwind is exciting and of course my choice, I’ve been needing to find ways to rejuvenate.

A good meal, cuddled on the couch or small creative projects are my go to for relaxing. Recently, I saw an infographic for quick ways to make your daily routine more “green” and the image of my beloved cotton rounds were pictured. After reading a bit more I learned that some cotton products are composed of synthetic fibers, delaying or prolonging the decomposition process.

While I didn’t run out to replace my stash of cotton rounds I did begin to think of alternatives for when my stash ran out. Hence this project.

I have a TON of 100% cotton yarn 🧶 skeins in my stash that I need to find fun ways to use (that doesn’t involve 8+ hours of crocheting for tote bags 😂). This past Sunday I had the idea to work up these fun reusable alternatives. I crocheted three face rounds and knitted (knit, say what?!) this small face cloth. I’ve added all of these items to this weeks morning/night routine and I’m real excited thus far! I’ve been cleansing with one, toning with the other. I also plan to pop these babes in this weeks laundry #sofresh #soclean. I’ll definitely keep you posted on how they’re shaping up in my routine.

I’d love to know your thoughts, do you use cloth /fiber items in your skincare routine? Would you consider using a reusable alternative?

#skincare #reusableitems #greenliving #onestepatatime

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