My First In-Person Show in Over A Year!

Jun 17, 2021by Sierra Lewis

"It's so good to be back!" That's all I could think during my first live show in SEVENTEEN months.

That's right, earlier this month, I had my first in-person show since the pandemic began. It was Contracommon's First Annual Summer Arts Festival at the Hill Country Galleria. And I have to say, I had a blast. Below are a few of my favorite moments that I posted on Instagram. 


Seriously, I didn't sit down the entire time I was so excited. It's funny, coming into the show I was a little nervous. So many questions were swirling in my head. How would things go? Would people show up? Am I rusty? Was it going to rain? (There had been thunder storms all week) Luckily, all of my fears quickly went away once the show started.

I'm happy to say it was like riding a bike. Some things you just don't forget. Well, I DID fumble around with installing my tent more than I used to. But the important things came back naturally. Talking to people, getting to know them—having them get to know me. Everything was so much fun.


NOS Blog - First Show In Over A Year - Vendor Signs


Speaking of fun, I have to give a shout out to Iris (@allegory.handmade) and the Contracommon community for doing such a great job coordinating the event. I think both the vendors and attendees had such a great time. They also booked some amazing live bands—including one of my new faves—Uncommon People (@uncommon.ppl).

It was so humbling to have a few people say they recognized me from instagram, or that they follow (@neworiginshop) and were excited to finally see me in person. This event really brought back the sense of community I would feel during live shows. I'm psyched to start doing more local shows (I have about three that I'm preparing for now). Be sure to follow me to know where I'm going next. I can't wait to see you there!  

- xo Sierra

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