Creating Content for My Small Business: Photography Essentials

May 15, 2023by Sierra Lewis

 A model getting her photo taken by a black woman with a phone. The words on the screen read as Photography Essentials Creating Content for my Small Business

As a small business owner, I know the importance of creating engaging content to promote my brand on social media and my website. While working with professionals and having the latest equipment is the dream. Right now, I've learned to embrace what I have and make the most of it. Over the years I've accumulated a few essentials (plus my trusty iPhone) that help me to create fantastic content (if I do say so myself haha). So, let's dive into the items I use to bring my brand to life!

Here are the tools I use to create compelling content for my small business:

an iPhone 12

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1. Smartphone: 

When it comes to smartphones, I believe in finding a balance between staying up to date and being mindful of my budget. While I don't rush to get every new phone at launch, I understand the importance of staying current. Currently, I'm using the iPhone 12 Pro with 256GB of storage, which meets my content creation needs perfectly. With its exceptional camera capabilities and ample storage space, I can capture stunning photos and videos without worrying about running out of room.


Selfie sticks with a camera and a phone and a tripod with camera

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2. Professional Selfie Stick Tripod:

To capture self-portraits or behind-the-scenes with stability and ease, I use a professional selfie stick tripod. This extends the reach of my smartphone and allows me to take shots from various angles, adding versatility to my content. I've had mine for years but this version is from the same company. The Bluetooth remote is a game-changer!


Light reflectors for photography

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3. Photo Studio Light Reflectors:

Lighting is key when it comes to creating visually appealing content. That's why I use photo studio light reflectors to manipulate and control lighting conditions. They help me bounce and diffuse light, ensuring optimal exposure and highlighting specific areas of my subjects.


LED photography lights on tripods with carrying bags

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4. Dimmable Bi-Color LED Video Light Kit:

Indoor shoots can sometimes be challenging due to lighting limitations. That's where my dimmable bi-color LED video light kit comes in handy. It allows me to adjust the brightness and color temperature of my shots, giving me more control over the lighting conditions.


A photography backdrop stand with weights, bags, and other accessories

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5. Backdrop Stand and Background Support Equipment: 

This setup allows me to easily change and customize backgrounds, giving my content a professional and consistent look. I've used this stand with fabric backdrops and most recently with paper alternatives. The weights work perfectly for securing the backdrop, especially with the paper which is heavier than fabric.


A three step ladder

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6. 3-Step Ladder:

Here's an unconventional item in my content creation toolkit: a 3-step ladder. It might sound odd, but it helps when setting up the backdrop and photo stand. It's also great for helping me achieve unique angles and perspectives. Whether I'm shooting overhead shots or capturing larger objects or spaces, this ladder allows me to get creative and grab attention.


A photography backdrop in a tan color

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7. Photography Backdrop: 

To create a clean and professional background for my photos, I use a photography backdrop. Instead of opting for fabric (been there, done that, too much steaming haha) backdrops, I prefer using paper backdrops. They provide a smooth and seamless surface, allowing my products or subjects to stand out. Paper backdrops are also easy to replace when they get dirty or worn out. I can choose from a variety of colors and textures to match my brand aesthetic and create visually appealing content. I'm loving this neutral color at the moment and this size works great for full-length photos and doesn't cause too much hassle to move.


A foldable photo box for product photography

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8. Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light:

For product photography, I rely on a portable foldable photo studio box with LED lights. It provides a mini studio setup with controlled lighting and a consistent background.


A woman with an afro wearing sunglasses, a green blouse, and black pants. She is sitting on a wooden bench with a blanket on it.

9. Personal Props:

Adding personal props to my content is a great way to infuse my brand's personality and story. These props are usually other decor items available in the shop, some kind of floral/plant item, and a stool or chair can help with posing.

So there you have it!  Remember when it comes to our various creative projects it's not about the tools we use but the creativity and effort we put into crafting content that truly represents our businesses. Let's keep using what we've got to get what we want!

P.S. I knew I might forget something from this list ;). I don't use this selfie ring light tripod often but when I've done tv interviews and recorded videos this was perfect for lighting and holding my cell phone.

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