Meet the Maker Feature: Fredric Savhad, Owner of Soul Rebel

Apr 7, 2020by Sean Johnson



Today we'd like to introduce Fredric Savhad. He's the maker and owner of Soul Rebel which is a California-based jewelry brand (and a featured artist in New Origin Shop).

How and why did you get started?

Soul Rebel started in Baltimore, August 2012. I'll never forget because it was really hot that summer—ridiculously hot. It was right before I moved to Oakland. At the time I couldn't find jewelry I was interested in, so I decided to search Google in hopes to find a local bead shop for supplies so I could make it myself. Luckily,  I came across Beadazzled—which was located downtown on Charles Street. That day I got enough supplies to create a small batch of Lava Stone bracelets that I strung on elastic cord lol.

Each design is so incredibly beautiful, what's your creation process?

Aww thank you, you're so sweet! It all depends on what I’m creating, actually. Sometimes, I sketch the idea out on paper for a visual reference. Sometimes the idea can’t be put on paper, I just have to create it. For example, with our latest Lerato Tassels, a visual reference was definitely needed whereas with our staple Zoya earrings, that was something I envisioned and was able to free hand from a basic stitch I learned.

You recently opened a studio. What has that process been like? What do you like most about having a studio?

The process was very exciting in the beginning stages as far as finding the location and designing the space. From picking out paint at Home Depot, to building custom fixtures to display the jewelry on was really really fun to do.

Ultimately, it's been rewarding to have our clients come and share space with us. It's so cool to experience them picking out jewelry for themselves in person. Folks are particular about their jewelry and I love it. It's cool to see them fall in love with something I made, and go “Yes this one, I'll take it”.


Do you have a favorite piece to create? 

Earrings! Earrings, earrings and more earrings please lol. They are a top seller for Soul Rebel, so I'm always coming up with some pretty dope styles to share.


Have you ever been surprised by how a customer has received your jewelry? 

Always! 8 years later and I'm still surprised by what pieces they choose for themselves or others. They are always so pleased and shocked by the craftsmanship, and that warms my heart every time. It's dope when others see the beauty you created.

Do you have any favorite makers?

You guys!! I love a good New Origin Shop number. Especially my hat you guys made :)

I’ll give you my top faves:

  1. New Origin Shop @neworiginshop

  2. Candice Cox of @candid_art
    She makes really beautiful modern geometric jewelry.

  3. My friend Stepahine Brown of @rebelyarn
    She weaves really amazing pieces.

  4. My sister Kamilah Mitchell of @teaswithmeaning
    She makes the best hibiscus tea, you know I love a good hibiscus tea lol.

  5. My guy Johnathon at @JohnathonQswanson
    Makes dope planters from concrete and arranges them with succulents.

  6. My friend Jaclyn @jaclynknesbitt
    Does some of the prettiest floral design i've seen.

  7. @Gioncarlovalentine
    My favorite photographer, his imagery is something [else]. 

What do you love most about Soul Rebel?

The thing I love the most would have to be the connections I've made with so many beautiful people around the world. From online orders, to pop up shops all over. Its always a pleasure meeting new people through my art. I've made friends and family just from making jewelry. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting Soul Rebel? 

I learned to not set expectations to avoid disappointment. I learned to just let things be what they were gonna be. As long as I worked hard and be true to myself I would be successful. 

What's your vision for Soul Rebel 5 years from now?

Five years from now I would really love to see another showroom location. Maybe in NY or LA. I would also like to see a fine line of engagements rings under the brand. Also, a big goal of mine is to be a resident artist in a museum of some sort. I would really love to share my art that way. 


Shop Soul Rebel on New Origin Shop here.




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