Happy 4-Year Anniversary, New Origin Shop!

May 28, 2021by Sierra Lewis

New Origin Shop 4 Year Anniversary

🎉 Exciting news, everyone! New Origin Shop is celebrating its four-year anniversary 🎉.

Some of you may know my backstory by now, but four years ago I launched New Origin Shop as an Etsy page on May 21st, 2017. It was a way to offload some of the extra crochet bags I made in my spare time from teaching. So around this time, in 2017, I was taking pictures of my first line of crochet bags (one of those pictures is above). I couldn’t have guessed the wild ride that I was in for. 

It’s kind of crazy to think that some of the kids I used to teach have gone all the way through high school and have graduated in the same span of time that I’ve been in business. 

I’ve grown a lot as a business owner since starting New Origin Shop. I’ve expanded my network and have talked to so many awesome artists, makers, and small-business owners. One of the biggest surprises was being profiled and recognized by outlets like Voyage Austin, Apartment Therapy, Austin Monthly, and more. Oh, and did I mention that the New Origin Shop has grown to have over 6,000 followers on Instagram!? Crazy. (BTW, come and join the fun @neworiginshop)

Since it’s our anniversary, I feel like celebrating with y’all. So, if you’re savvy enough to be reading this between 5/28/2021- 5/31/2021, you’ll see that the entire site is having a 20% OFF Sale. No code to worry about, it will be added automatically at checkout :) 

We’re also doing a giveaway, so be sure to check out that link to our instagram page above to learn more. 

Thank you for your endless encouragement and support. I can’t express how much I appreciate every customer, every follower, every subscriber, and every kind word that comes my way. I’m so excited to see what comes next for the shop, and I’m even more excited to share it with y’all. 

Alright, talk soon! XOXO - Sierra

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