New Origin Shop DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial

Apr 28, 2020by Sierra Lewis

New Origin Shop DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial


Hey y’all! Many of you may have some extra time on your hands, so why not learn a new skill? Our beginner macrame keychain tutorial is a great way to learn a couple of basic macrame knots and to create your very own accessory in 15 minutes! You’ll be learning to use the versatile Lark’s Head knot and the popular Half Square knot. There’s even a handy video where I go through the steps :)

This keychain can be made with your favorite rope materials and keychain clasp that you have on hand. End results may vary based on what materials you use, so make adjustments to your liking.


And hey, don’t fret if you don’t have cotton rope cord on hand because I now sell a DIY kit for this keychain! It comes with all of the cord cut to length, the keychain clasp, and instructions. Check it out today! Ain't got time for that? Well then you can also purchase a finished keychain in our store. 


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Skill Level: Beginner

Yield: 1 Keychain

Techniques Used:

  • Lark’s Head Knot
  • Half Square Knot
  • Loop Knot 


  • 1 keychain clasp closure 
  • 1 cotton rope cord (66 inches)
  • 2 cotton rope cords (20 inches)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (Optional) 


1. Cut 3 strands of cord, 1 strand should be 66 inches and 2 strands should be 20 inches. 


Macrame keychain materials, cotton rope, keychain clasp


2. Start by folding each of your 3 cords in half so that they look like arches. Place all cords in one hand joining at the midpoint, keeping the longest cords on the outside of the arch.

macrame keychain tutorial fold rope

3. Insert cord through front loop of lobster closure, pull tails of all cords through loop to create a lark's head knot.

larks head knot macrame knot with key clasp

4. Optional: Use tape to adhere the lobster closure to a flat surface to keep in place.

5. Take the right cord and place it across the 4 center strands, place the left cord in front of the right cord and loop the left cord behind the 4 center strands.Bring the left cord through the loop from the initial right cord. This is a half square knot.

6. Continue the half square knot until the right and left strands are 5 inches long.
7. Take the right cord across all 5 strands, bring the cord behind all 5 strands, bring the left cord through the loop. This creates a loop knot.

loop knot macrame knot loop to finish keychain

8. Repeat loop knot 1 more time.

9. Unravel rope ends to fluff the tail of the keychain. Use scissors to trim the tail to your desired length. 

Fin!  You've just made your very own macrame keychain :)

We would love to see your keychains! Whether you've bought our keychain kit or if you've used your own materials, tag us with your finished keychains on instagram: @neworiginshop, #neworiginshop

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