I’m a speaker during CraftHER Market Week (Gulp!)

Oct 5, 2020by Sierra Lewis
New Origin Shop and CraftHER Market 2020

Hey y’all! Quick update this time.

We’re participating in CraftHER Market Week this week (Oct. 3 - Oct. 11). I’ll even be speaking on a panel on October 9th! This will be my first panel—so pray for me, y’all. The panel is called "Creatives of Color to the Front" and will be a digital event so feel free to join or RSVP and watch later.

I've even done an interview already with the CraftHER and BossBabesATX Team (special thanks to Divina Ceniceros Dominguez). Check it out! On Creative Entrepreneurship and Starting Your Dreams: Sierra Lewis of New Origin Shop

Anyway, use the links below to check out all of the various makers, artists, and all-around great ladies this week (including yours truly). 


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