I'm Opening New Origin Shop's First Physical Location!

Aug 10, 2021by Sierra Lewis

Oh hey, blog! I know, I know—it's been awhile. I've been busy in the best way—I'm opening up New Origin Shop's first brick and mortar store!. That's right, now when someone asks me if I have a physical location, I can say "Yes, at the Hill Country Galleria Mall!"

Sierra with her store key

I can't believe I'm holding the key to New Origin Shop's physical store

Yes, we're opening up at the Hill Country Galleria Mall, in the Austin area in September 2021. I'm not going through this alone, though.

I'm launching the store along with my brother Fred, the owner of Soul Rebel Jewelry. Together, we plan to open a lifestyle shop that has a little bit of everything to bring bits of luxury and joy to your everyday. New accessories, home decor, wellness items, thrifted wares, and more are being planned for as you read this. But we're not stopping at just products, we want to host virtual and in-person workshops, classes, rent out product photography space, and expand our local deliveries.   

And that's where our community comes in. In order to fully realize our dream and open our shop to its fullest potential—we've launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe. You can see the details below. Every donation is greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts! We can't wait to show you what's in store. I'll be posting updates often on instagram (@neworiginshop) and I'll update the blog soon with more major developments. Alright, I've got so much more work to do in our to bring this store to life! Talk soon!


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