Local Deliveries are BACK!

Jul 12, 2023by Sean Johnson

A pink shopping bag with pink gift paper. A pink graphic with the words "LOCAL DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE"

Exciting news, Austinites!

You loved it, and now it's back! New Origin Shop is doing local deliveries again 🚚📦!

Life can get hectic, but we've got your back. Our local delivery service brings convenience right to your doorstep (see qualifying zip codes below)!

You might be thinking, "Isn't this something only big-brand stores offer?" Well, you're right! But here's the twist: by choosing our local delivery option, you get speedy service while supporting a small local business 😉.

Our local delivery covers the greater Austin area, delivering your orders within 48 hours. We strive to serve you the best we can, with some restrictions* to consider.

A shipping method screen with "Local Delivery for $7.50" selected

For just $7.50 per delivery, enjoy the perks of big-brand shopping without breaking the bank. It's our way of saying "thank you" for choosing local.

PRO TIP: Earning reward points will eventually cover the costs of delivery. Click the heart bag icon in the corner of this page to learn more.

Pink text and a pink button. The text reads "Start earning points for each purchase!"

Ready for stress-free shopping? Select "Local Delivery" at checkout on our website or inform our friendly staff in-store. We're here to make your life easier!

We appreciate your continued support ❤️!

P.S. Spread the love! Please share the news about our local delivery service with friends and neighbors in the greater Austin area. 🌟 Follow us for updates on service: @neworiginshop


Qualified Zip Codes:

78613 78660 78664 78669
78681 78702 78703 78704
78705 78717 78719 78721
78723 78724 78725 78726
78727 78728 78729 78730
78731 78732 78733 78734
78735 78736 78738 78739
78741 78742 78744 78745
78746 78747 78748 78749
78750 78751 78752 78753
78754 78757 78758 78759

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