Meet the Maker Feature: Meagan Cook, Owner of Our Village

May 4, 2020by Sean Johnson


Welcome back to our Meet The Maker series! This time we’re talking to the owner of Our Village—Meagan Cook. She’s a maker based out of Philadelphia that makes all-natural and plant-based skincare products. You can take a look at some of her fantastic offerings on our shop.    


How and why did you get started?

Everything really took off for me a year or so after my son was born. I had always made products and homemade facials for myself, but I never considered making them for others until he came along. He was born with eczema and also had a nut allergy. This meant I had to check every label known to man. After months of steroids and heavily chemical-base products I had enough. His symptoms and irritation never really subsided or healed. So I began reading; reading labels, reading about natural herbs, the body, how we heal, what exactly he was experiencing. Long story short, I mixed and mixed formulas until I got it right for his skin. After that I started to think, how many moms, women, and just people in general are looking for a brand that actually cares about them.  

hibiscus steam our village skincare


You say that Our Village is “Where we focus on cultivating a space for people to find love within.” Why did you choose this as your brand’s philosophy?

Because I think we forget about ourselves way too much. True love for ourselves takes time and a boatload of courage. I want people to fall in love with themselves, their minds, their freckles, their skin tones, their everything.

black gold coffee scrub exfoliant


Each product has such a unique purpose and ingredient list. Which do you prioritize in your creation process?

I try to figure out the purpose of the product first. What will its use be and who is it for, meaning skin type. Then the hard part is balancing. Somethings don’t balance and some blends need less or more of something—like a fatty acid. It’s really a lot of testing to get it right.

Rest Our Village Night Face Serum


You share skincare and wellness recommendations often. What are the essentials every person needs in their daily regimen? Which item should we “treat” ourselves to?

Funny, today I said to myself my favorite product has the least amount of ingredients. I think Soothe is the product everyone should have. It’s our cucumber hydrosol (aka toner). I love it because it’s the softest thing I’ve ever placed on my skin. It works as a mild toner to help balance your skin's pH and prevents pores from clogging without stripping away our natural oils. 

Next is a serum. Random but funny and true. 

Long before Our Village, I walked into a Sephora and asked an employee, well told her, I’m looking for a product that will make my skin look and feel like a baby seal (aka Glowed up). If anyone came to me with that same question today. I would tell them a serum is what you need. 

Serums are a blend of the essential and carrier oils that penetrate deep, pass the dermis layer of skin—meaning it goes deeper to repair and hydrate skin. This is why everyone should have a serum.

Our Village Bumble Eczema cream


Do you have a favorite product to create?

Hmmm? Probably our bumble creme, it’s a process and it reminds me of the first year of motherhood. I love watching the process. There's a lot of science involved which always blows my mind.


You may be the first maker we’ve seen that has a recycling program where previous customers can get discounts for recycling used product bottles. What made you start a program like that?   

I hate waste. I really do. A lot of what I use for packaging is based off of my low tolerance for waste. Which is why I stay away from plastic as much as possible. 

It’s weird, the program was always there but never broadcasted until I realized a lot of my orders weren’t Philadelphia based, and my clientele was growing—which meant including everyone.


Do you have any favorite makers?

It’s probably corny to say you (New Origin Shop)—but you’re definitely one of the many. You have this resilience and drive that I have never seen in a person before. You say and mean it, and make it happen. I see you and think she’s going to be this enterprise. Conceptually, you continue to evolve which is my favorite thing about makers. We’re a time capsule of creativity.


What do you love most about Our Village?

The meaning.


You recently wrote a blog post titled “The first day I started” where you talk about the beginning of your maker career. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting Our Village?

Take risks and never compare.


What's your vision for Our Village 5 years from now?

 Five years move’s fast, but a Wellness Center.




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