Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 1, 2021by Sierra Lewis

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Oh hey, Mother’s Day is coming up! You didn’t forget, did you? Don’t worry, no judgements here. Time is flying by so we wouldn’t blame you if you’re only now thinking about getting a gift for the most special lady in your life. We’ve got you covered though! We have a special collection of Mother’s Day items on our site to make it easy for you to pick up a special treat for Mom. Are there just too many great options for you to pick? Well, read on to see our gift giving guide for Mother’s Day 2021.


Tried and True Gifts:

Alright, let’s kick things off with some tried and true gifts that are essentials for every Mother’s Day. Of course, we’re talking about flowers and cards.


New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Cards

We have a wide collection of cards & stationary in the shop, and some that are perfect for mothers day. Our picks are the “Bestest Mom” and “Things I Love Checklist”. And for these strange times when we can’t get too close to each other—the ”What I Love You Feels Like” card uses braille for that added touch (pun intended).


New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Flowers

You can’t get any more tried and true than a fresh bouquet of flowers for your Mom. For us, we wanted to go with something that is already preserved—like our Eucalyptus Bundle, Dried Flower Bouquet, or Lavender Bundle. Your Mom won’t have to worry about throwing the flowers out after a few weeks, and she can use them as decor around the house for months.

For Moms That Need To Unwind

Being a Mom can be stressful. Give your mom a little bit of serenity with these gift ideas.


New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Candles

Candles seem to be the gift of choice this season. Some of the most popular candles are the Black Lilium, Oakmoss, and Heritage scents from our friends at Mishal. People have also been loving the Teakwood & Tobacco, Golden Coast, and Patchouli Sweetgrass scents from P.F. Candle Co..

Satin Eye Cover

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Eye Covers

Let your Mom get her beauty sleep with this comfy Satin Eye Cover. The satin feel is soft and gentle, and the eye cover blocks out light for a deep, restful sleep.

Salt Soaks and Bath Bombs

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Bath Bombs

What’s more relaxing than a nice hot soak in the bath? (The only way it can get better is with the candles and eye cover above!) Our friends at Conscious Goods make the best-selling “My Time” and “Healing Waters” bath bombs. If bath bombs aren’t your Mom’s thing, we also have the wonderful Lavender Salt Soak Test Tubes and the relaxing Eucalyptus Salt Soak Test Tubes. Perfect for soaking tired feet!

Therapeutic Oils, Salves, and Balms

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Balms

Has your Mom been complaining about joint aches, headaches, or dry skin lately? We have Joint Salves from URB Apothecary, Headache Oil Sticks from Quiet Cricket Studio, and various balms and body oils. We recommend you check out the Juniper Artemisia Body Oil from URB Apothecary.

Bundles of Calm

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Bundles

Can’t decide what to get? Running low on time to get your Mom an awesome gift? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Our Unwind Bundle and Tea Rituals Bundle are packed and wrapped beautifully just for your mom. They come with all sorts of goodies like mugs, tea, journals, and even a cozy blanket!

For The Mom That Rules The Kitchen

These gifts will help you say thanks for all of those delicious meals over the years (and also help to keep the meals coming).

Oven Mitts & Aprons

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Oven Mitts and Apron

Does your Mom still use the same kitchen gear that she used when you were a kid? Refresh her burn-stained mitts with Raine & Humble’s oven mitts. They come in fun, but elegant colors and wild patterns. They pair nicely with the 100% cotton apron—also from Raine & Humble.

Cutting Boards

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Cutting Boards

Much like oven mitts, cutting boards can overstay their welcome. Gift your Mommy chef with this 10.5" Cutting Board made from mango tree wood. It's one of our favorites from Civil Alchemy.

Cocktail Mixers

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Cocktail Mixers

What’s a Mother’s Day brunch without a little cocktail to lift the spirits? The Morris Kitchen Cocktail Mixers come in bright, delicious flavors like Citrus Agave, Pineapple Lime, and Ginger Spice.

Tea & Honey

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Tea and Honey

Ok, maybe your mom isn’t much of a cocktail drinker. If a nice warm cup of tea is more her thing, we’ve got everything you’ll need to give her a proper tea time. Mugs, indulgent and flavorful teas from Modestine TeaRaw Honey from Zach & Zoe, and even accessories like tea infusers and honey dips.

For Stylish Moms

The mom you’re shopping for may have a great sense of style. Though she may not need help putting together an outfit, more options for accessories are always appreciated.

Brass Earrings

New Origin Shop - Mother's Day Guide - Brass Earrings

If your Mom is into earrings with bold, playful shapes and elegant brass textures, we recommend the earrings from Marjorie Baer.

Gemstone Earrings

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Gemstone Earrings

If your Mom prefers less of a silhouette to her earrings, but still loves color—we recommend you check out the collection of Milk Moon gemstone earrings we have in our Mother’s Day collection.

Stud Earrings

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Stud Earrings

If the two types of earrings above aren’t your Mom’s thing, then we recommend going truly minimal with the gold and silver studs from our friends at Tumble.


New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Necklaces

Did you get your Mom earrings last year? Well we also have necklaces available! Our favorite picks this season are the Arch Necklaces from Tumble, the Herkimer U Necklace from Milk Moon, and the Raw Turquoise Pendant Necklace from Milk Moon.

For The Mom That’s A Home Decor Lover

It’s Spring, which is the perfect time for a home makeover. These home decor gift ideas are great for the mom that’s a homemaker looking to switch things up.


New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Pillows

Need to spruce up the couch, bed, or breakfast nook? The 100% cotton breakfast pillows from Raine & Humble are a casual option that will work several places around the house.

Planters & Trays

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Planters

Most home design lovers know the power of a well-placed houseplant. But for the instances where the basic terra cotta planter doesn’t cut it, we have options to kick things up a notch. There are the beautiful ceramic planters from Nightshift Ceramics, elegant vases from GHW, and the bold cement planters from Awkward Auntie. Our friends at Awkard Auntie also make concrete trays that are great for holding jewelry and make a perfect companion to their concrete planters.

For The New Mom

Is the Mom you’re shopping for brand new to this whole motherhood thing? Or maybe she’s a soon-to-be mom that could use some help preparing for her new bundle of joy? These are the gifts you should consider.

Silicone Teethers

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Teethers

One of the many trials that new Moms have to go through is the teething period. It’s a right of passage that can be made just a little bit better with these silicone teething necklaces. The modern colors and simple geometric shapes help make this piece pass for an actual necklace even when your little one isn’t gnawing on it.

Bibs & Burp Cloths

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Bibs and Burp Cloths

Protect your clothes from your adorable little drool machine with these bibs and burp cloths from Lola’s Classic Babies.

Baby Balms

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Baby Balms

In addition to quickly calming diaper rash, Mighty Calm Baby Balm from Conscious Goods is formulated for super sensitive skin of all ages. This balm is carefully formulated without the use of essential oils so that you can even use it for babies under 6 months.

Simple Wood Toys

New Origin Shop Mother's Day Guide 2021 - Wood Toys

The wonderful thing about the wood rainbow stackers from Valley House Woodworking is that after your baby grows out of playing with them—they make for a really nice home decoration. Stack them on a bookshelf, home office, or nursery.


Alright, hopefully we've given you some good gift ideas for your special lady. But hey, if you're still on the fence about what to get, reach out to us on Instagram (@neworiginshop). We're always looking to chat about great gifts ideas. :)

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