Our 5 Favorite Mood Boosters

Jan 2, 2020by Sierra Lewis

As I prepare to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall—personally, I begin to feel mood changes. As the holiday season approaches and the shop gets busier, the stress can really add up. So I've decided to share a quick list of the top 5 ways I boost my mood when the times get tough. Of course, I want to hear the ways you boost your mood too! Give me a holler on Instagram @neworiginshop


Now, let's put our best self forward.




So hear me out... Prepping meals isn’t the easiest task for us when you consider work schedules, food preferences, and dietary restrictions. Yes, I admit food prep often feels like a TASK. 


That said, we recently meal prepped a week's worth of lunch and dinner and let me tell you... WHAT. A. TREAT. The benefits felt endless!


We saved so much time throughout the week not fussing over what to cook, we didn’t eat out at all the entire week (say what?), and overall my body just felt better. Not sure where to start? We had a close friend share a handy spreadsheet of recipes and ingredient lists for meals of all types and it was extremely useful (maybe I'll share that in a future post). Check-in with your family and friends to see what their fave recipes are and begin there.



I’m a huge fan of boosting my mood with the use of essential oils. My personal faves include eucalyptus or peppermint when I'm looking to soothe and lemongrass or something citrusy if I need a little pep (these aren’t used as one blend of course). I recommend stopping into your favorite health food store to test out a few scents. If this doesn’t sound appealing check out your local Makers who may incorporate essential oils into their blends. Our current rotation of candles we absolutely love can be found here and here.




My surroundings are often a reflection of my mood or schedule. If it’s a week I’m prepping for a show (and I'm creating products), the office is in disarray. When I’m looking to unwind from a day on the couch (See #4 below), you better believe I’m snuggled up with an amazing blanket. Many of our customers also share their love for our Macrame wall feathers when they’re looking to feel inspired visually. Our fave decor boosts can be found in our shop here and here. Trust me, you’ll love them (bias duly noted). 




This is a family-friendly blog ok, so not in THAT way. I highly recommend taking a moment to disconnect and to recharge by watching your fave tv show or film.


Can I be honest with you guys? My favorite lazy day activity—especially when I need a mood boost—is a Netflix double feature of...Black Panther and Coco (LOL). I love them. I absolutely positively can not get enough of those movies. The visuals, the colors, the music—they’re the best. I can count on those films to immediately boost my mood (and bonus mood points if I have popcorn and raisinets on hand). 




Last week I shared my fave playlist to relax and focus. It’s the "Sleep Sounds" playlist from Apple Music (please don’t judge lol). It can be found here. Turn on your fave jams or soothing tunes depending on the boost you need.

BONUS (Honorable mentions)

Look at you, hanging with me until the end of this blog post. You're a real one. I really wanted to keep this list to 5 but that wasn’t happening. So here are some honorable mentions.


Go for a walk or a jog: Much like meal prep, I usually fuss and fight before doing this one. But I always love how I feel afterward. Crafting doesn't give me much opportunity to move my legs y'know!


Pick up a craft: Crocheting to relax is how New Origin Shop started y’all! Picking up a craft is an exciting way to challenge yourself and go get the creative juices flowing.


Thanks for stopping by to read our top 5 fave mood boosters. We’d love to hear your faves too!  Instagram: @neworiginshop

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