Our Favorite Black-Owned Businesses

Feb 16, 2021by Sean Johnson

New Origin Shop Blog - Our Favorite Black Owned Businesses

We’re firm believers that every month is Black History Month, but there’s no denying that February is a special time of year to really shed a spotlight on black people doing great things. Everyone pays just a little closer attention; so it’s a perfect time to shout out some of our favorite black makers and business owners. We’re lucky to host a couple of the people below in the shop, but we’ll also link to everyone’s Instagram so that you can check them out a little more. 

As a happy coincidence, all of the businesses below are also women-owned as well! Perhaps next time we make a list, we’ll mix the fellas in there. But for now—let’s just say it’s ladies night at the New Origin Shop blog. Alright, let’s get right into it!

Cassandra Dailey - BFree Organics
Cassandra Dailey, Founder of BFree Organics

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: BFree Organics)

As y’all know, we love ourselves some organic skin care at New Origin Shop. BFree Organics is a brand that is homegrown and 100% free from harmful ingredients like artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and toxins. Cassandra started making her products as a way to treat her son’s severe eczema—but grew it into a thriving business. Seeing her growth and commitment to her principles is an inspiration to New Origin Shop.


Brittiny -
Brittiny, Founder & Chief Interior Stylist of Effortless Composition

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Effortless Composition)

We definitely see a kindred spirit in Effortless Composition. We’re both of the mind that building joy in your life should be effortless—and the products that we curate for our business reflect that. Not only do we focus on the customer side of things, but the maker side as well. Brittiny also works with local artists in her community to populate her shop. Seriously, everything she does is impeccable and everything we see from Effortless Composition inspires us to create a home we love.


Coelina Edwards - See Phillips
Coelina Edwards, Founder of See Phillips

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: See Phillips)

A fellow Ausin-based business, See Phillips’ handmade pieces are unique statements that explore wellness, and human connections. One of our favorite creations of Coelina’s is her natural dye kit that uses natural ingredients like onion skin. We can’t wait to see what she makes next (and feature it in our shop)!


Richardsons - PUR Home
Angela Richardson & Michelle Richardson, CEO’s of PUR Home

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: PUR Home)

We bet if you take a look at your cleaning supplies right now, there are a bunch of hard-to-pronounce chemicals that are equally hard on the environment. Angela and Michelle recognized that this didn’t have to be the way that all cleaning products were made so they started PUR Home—a line of non-toxic and natural cleaning products. Their success is awe inspiring. They’ve not only earned Leaping Bunny Certification for their outstanding brand ethics, but they’ve been recognized by huge names like Real Simple, Forbes, and even Beyoncé!


Angel Williams - Photographer
Angel Williams, Fashion Photographer

Link Tree | Instagram | (Image Credit: Voyage Austin)

Angel is a fashion photographer here in Texas. We were so thrilled to come across her work on instagram ( we love her fashion and portrait shoots). Her work is so cool with her use of dynamic poses and varied tones. We recommend you follow her on instagram right now if you’re not already.


Mattie Michelle - Curly Color Magic
Mattie Michelle, Creator of Curly Color Magic

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: The Left Brain Group)

Mattie is unlike anyone else on this list—and we love that. To say she’s multifaceted is an understatement. According to her she is a “multidisciplinary artist concentrated on music, curly.color.magic, magical nuances, performance art, painting, color education, and dancing”. Simply put, if you want more color in your life, Mattie is someone to look out for. 


Minnie Little
Minnie Little, Owner of Shag Noir Studio

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Lauren Slusher)

Minnie is “Everyone’s Hair Stylist”. Just a quick look on her instagram shows that she can handle all hair types and any hair style that comes her way. We have a deep admiration for any business that exhibits inclusivity. That in itself makes Minnie one of our favorite business owners but the fact that she’s safely adapted to operate safely during a pandemic shows us that nothing is going to stop Shag Noir Studio’s success.


Mishal - Coco Sienna CandleMichelle Bryant, Owner of Mishal 

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Mishal)

We’re very proud to host Mishal products in our shop. Michelle is a wiz at fragrance blending and her scents give a luxurious feeling to both body and home. Outside of her products, we also admire the elegance and consistency of the Mishal branding. All of the marketing materials would look right at home in a high-end magazine. 


Iris 1956
Candias, Founder of Iris1956

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Iris1956)

We know a lot of jewelry makers, but few are actual metalsmiths like Candias. Her jewelry is really something special. The Iris1956 brand of jewelry is personal and rooted in ties to Candias’ heritage which we think makes it stand out (aside from it being gorgeous). As the cherry on top, all of her materials are ethically sourced. 


Carmen Bridgewater
Carmen Bridgewater, Birth & Family Photographer

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Carmen Bridgewater)

One look at Carmen’s work and you can tell she’s someone that celebrates life. All of her photography is a love letter to new life and new families. There’s a special sense of joy we get looking at her work—and right about now, we can take all of the joy we can get.


Erica Young - On The Lookout Jewelry
Erica Young, Owner of On the Lookout Jewelry

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: On the Lookout Jewelry)

On the Lookout Jewelry may have our favorite logo on this list. Just like the logo, Erica’s jewelry is fun, quirky, and brimming with personality. With over 20 years of beading experience under her belt, it is so inspiring to see new designs being produced at such high quality. 


Meagan Cook - Botanic Village
Meagan Cook, Owner of Botanic Village

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Botanic Village)

If you’ve been following us for a long time, you’ll know that Meagan Cook is no stranger to New Origin Shop (and will always be one of our favorite makers). Her skincare brand, Our Village, was one of the first outside brands available in our shop. However, Meagan has also started a sister brand—Botanic Village—where she creates and delivers beautiful floral arrangements. We’re so excited to see how much success she’s had with Botanic Village and Meagan continues to be one of the hardest working small business owners that we know.


Nana Wilmot - Georgina's
Nana Wilmot, Chef and Owner at Georgina's 

Website | Instagram | (Image Credit: Georgina's)

We've had the pleasure of knowing Nana personally before she became the owner of Georgina's Private Chef and Catering. It has been a continuous source of pride to see her star rise in the culinary world. And we're not surprised since Nana has always worn her passion for cooking on her sleeve. And it's that same passion, drive, and culinary skill that has led to her being profiled by Bon Appétit, Ada Supper Club, and The New York Times. If you're in the Philadelphia area, you owe it to yourself to try one of Nana's three-course meals that she delivers right to your home. 


So that’s our list (for now)! Do you have a favorite black-owned business that you would like to share? Do you have a favorite from this list? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on Instagram: @neworiginshop

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