Mindfulness, Rejuvenation and Being Creative During Social Distancing

Mar 18, 2020by Sierra Lewis

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Hey Y'all!

Team New Origin Shop checking in on this (wonderful) Wednesday. For us, the directive for social distancing means canceled Pop-Ups, Postponed Events, rescheduling of meetings and temporarily closure of our pop-up space in The Caravan Co-op

For many of us this means a change in routine, change in income and a new level of uncertainty. With all of this being the case, we're remaining hopeful and seizing the opportunity to create without deadlines, utilizing this time to tackle our to do list and most of all seeking ways to remain engaged, rejuvenated and inspired. 

It's especially important to note to be kind to yourself during this uniquely challenging time. Be kind to others always—but especially now. Keep in contact with your family and loved ones. Social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation. Stay informed (by checking in with the CDC's website here .) Continue to shop local and support small businesses if you can. Stay active! (P.S. any good home work out recommendations? please comment to share or send our way).
Here's a few of our recommendations from small businesses and creatives to stay inspired during this time. 

Recalibrate Studio

Weekly Online Community Meditation 

Description from site:  We will be offering free online guided group meditations every Monday at 1:00pm CDT (11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT). Meditation sessions will be 15 minutes long and focused on themes of presence, awareness, and stress relief.

To reserve your spot sign up here


Greer Image Consulting

3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Closet 

Description from site:  Here are three easy practices you can implement today that will improve the look and feel of the room you visit every morning.

Find the 3 Easy Practices here.


 New Origin Shop

Finding Creative Inspiration

Recharge your creative inspiration by spending some time on Pinterest. We admit, we've got some organizing to do on our page, but Pinterest is a great source for inspiration for decor, recipes, style, creative projects & more.
Follow us on Pinterest here.

Andrea Pippins


Join an Art Prompt Activity 

Description: Check out this instagram feed as Andrea  posts a series of art activity prompts for kids and adults (I love following her account). These are great 20 minute activities meant to be fun, inspiring, and to get your creativity flowing. 
Find the prompts on her profile here.


Honorable Mentions


Virtual Museum Tours  

Check out this article for 12 Museums who offer virtual tours. (click here)


Brushing Up On Skin Care Tips

We're catching up on wellness and skin care tips from one of our fave small businesses, Our Village. (click here

Binge Watching With Friends...Remotely

We recently learned of this Chrome extension called Netflix Party. It's an extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends and synchronizes video playback and adds group chat. 


How are you navigating during this time? Any fun activities, books etc you'd like to share?

P.S. We're here to encourage, listen and support! Working on a creative project and want to talk it through? Got a question for us? Just want to share funny memes back and forth send us an email or follow us on instagram. We got you!

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