Workshops Are Now Available!

Jan 23, 2022by Sean Johnson

New Origin Shop Now Hosting Workshops


Since we launched our first physical location a few months ago, we knew we wanted to host workshops. Now, we're excited to share that they're now available! We've built a special room in our shop to work and teach. Soon, we'll share all of the work that went into bringing the space to life, but for now—let's revel in the here and now.


New Origin Shop's Workshop Space

Above: Our workshop space. Can't wait to see you here!


Workshops will allow us to connect with our community and teach some of our learned skills over the years. This has always been important to us because we believe everyone can create something unique. Sometimes you need a little help starting. 


Hey, look at us. Who would have thought that a little Etsy page that only sold crochet bags and scarves could become what we are? If we can do it, so can you! 


We're starting with a jewelry-making class and a card-making class, but you can always check our calendar to see the latest. We're only starting with jewelry and craft. We have so many ideas that we can do with the workshop room. We've dedicated half of the room to hold our product photography equipment. There are so many opportunities for that alone. 


New Origin Shop's First Workshops - Fiber Card and Bracelet


We already have some talented instructors on hand, and we're considering bringing in outside help. That's right; we're trying to bring in the makers that produce some of the beautiful wares that you see around the shop. We're kicking around ideas for bookbinding, jewelry making, maybe even digital marketing. The possibilities are endless! Is there a type of class you would be interested in taking? Let us know on Instagram (@neworiginshop) or in the comment section below!


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