Our Top 5 Products For Mental Fitness In 2023

Jan 22, 2023by Sean Johnson

2023 is officially in full swing. While you may have physical fitness goals for the year, we want to remind you that mental fitness is just as necessary. It's the perfect time to think about what self-care you want for yourself and what mood boosters you can make this year. With that in mind, here are five types of products that you can use to get your mind right in 2023.

A cyan journal with gold letters that says "don't quit"

Do It Daily

Before we get into the list, you'll notice a common theme. Each product is designed for daily use. If you're starting your mental fitness journey, that may seem daunting but don't worry! It doesn't have to be big—just a little joy each day. Many of the suggestions below take less than a minute to do. It's all about building a positive ritual in your life.

1 - Herbal Supplements

Peak and Valley "Balance my Stress" powder supplement bottle on white background

We recommend the Peak + Valley line of herbal supplements. Peak + Valley was created by neuroscientist Nadine Joseph—who makes her powdered supplements out of a blend of adaptogens.

What's an adaptogen? We had to look it up too.

Adaptogens are natural herbs, plants, and mushrooms that support the body's ability to deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. They're generally used to promote a sense of well-being.

Our recommended blend is called "Balance My Stress." You only need 1tsp a day. We recommend keeping a journal (spoiler alert for our next category) and tracking how your stress has adjusted after thirty days. This blend tastes chocolatey, so it blends easily in milk, coffee, tea, and smoothies.

2 - Journals & Planners

You may have looked through our website or store and asked why we carry so many journals. Aren't they all the same? Well, some are traditional notebook-style journals with only aesthetic differences. Those are great too—but to help coax you along your mental wellness journey, we recommend journals and planners with features that fit your personality and goals.

Here are a few examples:

Hands holding an Abundance budgeting journal on white background
Abundance: Budget Planner focuses specifically on budgeting. If money management is a major stressor, you'll want to check this journal out.
mental mise en place journal on tabeltop
Mental Mis en Place is made by Austin-based Chef Philip Speer. He designed it with chefs, bartenders, and hospitality professionals in mind. But really, anyone can use it. It has neat features like a hydration counter and prep lists for your day.
Do It journal on table next to flower and cup of tea
Do It: Weekly Productivity Planner from The Lamere is great for A-types. It's very organized and uses a minimalistic design. Some features in addition to the daily planner are inspirational quotes, "brain dump" pages, and weekly reflection sections to track how you're feeling as the year progresses.
grateful heart journal on table next to pearl earrings and greeting card
Grateful Heart: Gratitude Journal has lots of journaling space and is designed to help you reflect on what you appreciate about your life. It has daily gratitude sections to recount a small joy from your day, reflective questions for you to answer throughout the year, and more.
hand touching the cover of the remember why you started journal
Remember Why You Started: Fitness and Food Planner is designed specifically for those with fitness goals this year. You can keep track of your workouts, hydration, and fitness goals. There are even sections for before and after photos and a recipe journal in the back.

It's best to check out what features a journal or planner has to see if it aligns with your wellness goals. You can always stop by our shop to see these in person or contact us here or on Instagram @neworiginshop.

3 - Books

Three book covers. The top book is Rituals for Every Day. The middle book is Self care for college students. The bottom book is UnFuck Your Anxiety

Maybe writing isn't your thing. You may be more of a reader. That's ok. There are plenty of books geared toward mental wellness.

We even carry some books tailored for specific groups, like this one for college students and the particular stressors that they face.

Our evergreen recommendation is Rituals for Every Day. It walks you through engaging in small, simple, and reflective routines to recenter yourself when the world gets a little too crazy.

4 - Affirmational Products

Mirror decal that reads "You can do this."

These tools will help you develop a trend of positive thinking and self-love.

For example, we have this deck of affirmation cards called "I am Everything," created by Tarisha Clark. This deck of 30 cards has an affirmation that you can keep with you each day of the month. At the end of the month, you shuffle them and start again.

Any small reminder of self-love will do as long as it's somewhere you can see it every day. You can use cards, mirror decals, pins, and even post-it notes.

5 - Candles

Good Things Are Coming Candle on cement background

Did you know that humans remember smells longer than any other sense? We can easily associate a scent with a feeling or memory. Tying a calming scent to a time of peace is a great way to train your mind to settle down. Try lighting a mildly scented candle an hour before bed, while you read, or during a bath.

We carry these affirmational candles from Lit Candle Supply. So there are good smells and good feels. Boom. It's a double win.


Madhu chocolate bar on white and purple background

Chocolate……….just chocolate.

We hope that helps with your mental wellness journey in 2023. Do you have anything that you use for mental wellness? Comment or chat with us on Instagram (@neworriginshop). And If you want any more tips or product recommendations, stop by the shop. Take care y'all. And keep your mind right in 2023.

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